What we do.

What We Do

C3 Inc. provides exceptional support to organizations across a variety of sectors looking to engage in high-quality and user-friendly research, evaluation, and program development. We possess outstanding working relationships across the province and consistently collaborate with other professionals
to produce the best results for our clients. 

Our company philosophy involves working collaboratively with our clients to develop a final deliverable that exceeds expectations. To support this process, we believe in developing products that are both user-friendly and impact oriented.


High-quality research

  • Literature reviews
  • Environmental scans
  • Survey development
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Policy analysis

Program development

  • Practice framework development
  • Program design
  • Theory of change development
  • Program Logic Model development
  • Funding framework development

Program development

  • Utilization focused evaluation
  • Outcome harvesting
  • Formative/summative evaluation
  • Developmental evaluation

Hear from our clients:

Through the course of our work together, Caroline and Rida supported our organization to develop an implementation framework to guide our activities and measure our progress. Their expert facilitation assisted us in developing a product specific to the needs of our organization which was functional, flexible, practical and easily implemented.  Rida and Caroline were highly professional and a pleasure to work with.  Their experience and expertise helped to guide our work to produce an end product that was exactly what we required to progress our initiatives.

– Providence